Residential Construction

If you’re looking to build, Neverstop Building can offer you a full suite of services for your residential construction project.

Neverstop Building Services are experienced in design and construction of a range of housing types from compact dual occupancy developments to large, mulit-storey and luxury homes.
Our project management and design team are happy to take your project from concept to keys.

We offer full service consultation, including:

  • Assistance and advice with planning controls and site feasibility
  • Architecture and design
  • Co-ordination of Town Planning
  • Construction and Hydraulic Engineers and other site development consultants

We’ll work closely with you at the design stage to ensure your housing needs and preferences are reflected in the design of your home.

Neverstop Building can project mange the entire project to streamline the stages of the build and have your home completed in an optimal timeframe with a high quality build.

We will oversee all stages of construction from excavation and (and demolition if required) through:

  • Slab construction
  • Framing and brickwork
  • Roofing and flooring
  • Services and internal walls
  • Fixtures, fit out and landscaping

If you’ve already had a design developed for your house, bring your floor plans to us and we’ll provide you with a quote based on our competitive rates for construction services.

We can work alongside your consultants, or we have our own professionals on hand, to get the necessary approvals in place and start the building process.

With many years’ experience in residential construction across the Sydney region, you can be assured that with Neverstop you are working with seasoned building professionals who know exactly what they are doing! Our proof of this is our ability to repeatedly deliver residential construction projects on time and within budget to our satisfied customers.

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